I understand that when you are in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, you need prompt, responsive and helpful assistance.

I regularly provide the following services to overseas and interstate practitioners:

  • Advice on the law in Western Australia
  • Affidavit evidence on Western Australian law for use in other jurisdictions
  • Agency services for Grants of Probate or Administration in Western Australia
  • Agency services for litigation in Western Australia
  • Representation in Western Australian Supreme Court estate matters – both contentious and non-contentious
  • Advice on when reseals of Grants of Representation are available
  • Obtaining reseals of Grants of Representation

I understand that overseas and interstate practitioners need to be able to advise their clients on the estimated costs, the progress of the matter and the estimated time to completion and I accordingly ensure that practitioners are in the position to report in a comprehensive and timely manner to their clients.