My practice is exclusively in the areas of Wills, Deceased estates and Trusts. I have practised in these areas continuously since 1996.

I am dedicated to providing a personal service to my individual clients and to my corporate clients in an increasingly impersonal world.

I strive to provide my corporate clients with a service that promotes and fosters their relationship with their clients.

My aim is to understand the individual needs of my clients, to provide my clients with support and information in what I understand is often a difficult and complex time, and to provide my clients with thorough advice.

My objective is to ensure that my clients feel supported, are listened to and understood, and that my clients feel valued.

It is my experience is that in many cases better outcomes can be delivered through negotiation rather than litigation. I believe my role is to guide my clients in understanding when settlement is ultimately a better outcome than carrying the personal and financial costs and the uncertainty of litigation.