Whilst I always start with an assessment of my clients’ legal position, my objective is to look for the practical, cost effective and best outcome in each matter.

Since 1996 I have acted in a wide range of matters including the following:

Estate Planning and Wills
  • Preparation of simple and complex Wills
  • Advice on simple and complex Wills
  • Settling testamentary trusts
  • Advice on superannuation from an estate planning perspective
  • General and specific estate planning advice often in conjunction with accounting and financial professionals

Grants of Probate and Administration
  • Routine and complex applications for Grants of Probate and Administration including syndic Grants
  • Reseals of overseas or interstate Grants of Probate and Administration
  • Applications for Grants of Probate and Administration of informal Wills, copy Wills and disputed Wills
  • Advice and applications for intestate estates including applications where beneficiaries cannot be found or cannot be identified

Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Advice and assistance with routine and with complex administrations
  • Executor or Administrator assistance with matters including advice and applications where a beneficiary’s identity is ambiguous, beneficiaries cannot be found, debts are disputed, claims are made against the estate, directions are needed for the interpretation of a Will or for the administration or distribution of the estate, advice and guidance where there is uncertainty with regard to the assets or liabilities of the estate
  • I negotiate the settlement of disputed deceased estates and prepare the necessary Deeds of Arrangement to give effect to the settlement

Advice on interpretation of Wills and other testamentary documents
  • I assist executors and beneficiaries with offering advice on the interpretation of Wills and testamentary documents and advice on agreements and I provide the parties with options for resolution of any uncertainty arising from the interpretation

Advice on trusts
  • I offer advice on the interpretation of trust deeds, advice on the administration of trusts, advice on the retirement or removal of trustees
  • I prepare necessary Deeds including Deeds of Variation and Deeds of Retirement and appointment of New Trustees
  • I advise on and prepare Special Disability Trusts

Estate Litigation
  • I advise on all aspects of estate litigation including Inheritance (Family and Dependants Provision) Act claims, informal Wills, disputed Wills, issues regarding the validity of Wills including revocation, republication and destruction
  • I understand that litigation always comes at a personal cost. Whilst I fiercely protect my clients’ position, I do so with an understanding that a negotiated settlement can be a desirable and best outcome in many matters
  • I prepare Deeds of Arrangement and Deeds of Release and Indemnity when the parties settle litigated matters

Charitable Trusts
  • I advise on interpretations of charitable gifts in Wills, applications to substitute charities for charities named but not in existence, for charities improperly described in Wills and for other issues arising under the Charitable Trusts legislation